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"...enjoins respect for timelessness great art. What seems so simple is a complex cosmos full of beauty of sound, performed on breathtakingly high level..."

Leonore Welzin (Heilbronner Stimme) Germany


“... it is rich of feelings the performance  of  the Italian guitar player Fabio Montomoli
who has aroused many emotions at Gitarrenfestival...”
Roger Maresch,   Salzburg Woche  (Austria)

"...he has aroused great enthusiasm among a great number of spectators...
Fabio Montomoli proved a real talent creating an atmosphere of deep concentration, communicating to the audience the serenity and the emotion of the guitar performance”
Roberta Galanti    Il Tempo (Italy)

“... Fabio Montomoli has executed a powerful performance, different in its various
aspects.. Turina’s music has proved beautiful, brilliant, rhythmically accented
and rich in Spanish feelings...”
Uta Norpoth, Passaver Neve Press (Germany)

“... the great success of the concert of  Fabio Montomoli at St.Thomas Church in Tyro... into the presence of the Italian Ambassador and of all authorities we have watched a high music level concert...”
Joseph Diban, La Revue du Liban (Libano)

“…Montomoli’s performances are marked by an extremely clear phrasing, elegant and faithfully inspired to the Spanish tradition, as the frequent rasgueados and the scales impeccably executed like…”
Riccardo Rocchi, Chitarre classica n.17 (Italy)

“… accompanied by the Agorà Quartet, the well known Fabio Montomoli has performed with sensibility and great professional qualification the pieces by Vivaldi, Boccherini, and the Concert op.30 by Mauro Giuliani, showing a great expressive ability…”
Il Resto del Carlino (Italy)

“…he shows a perfect mastery of the instrument that allows him to obtain a phrasing always in accordance with every philology execution…Fabio Montomoli can alternate moments of deep dramatic force and moments of calm with warm and sensual sonorities that create  complete participation of the audience in every concert.”
Strumenti e musica (Italy)

“…Fabio Montomoli has risen towards the highest skies giving his best in Ciaccona Part n.2 by J.S Bach… a memorable concert …”
La Gazzetta del Sud (Italy)

“…he exposed the main theme with delicacy and sweet harmony...Complying to dance character he made the melody come out with rhythmic stress always laid down with flowing accompanying vocals…lively, clear, focused, brilliant and transparent, F.M performed sonatas by Domenico Scarlatti, during which he knowledgeable illustrated with many little melody blooms and harmonic modulation with impeccable clarity…happiness, pain and excitement in the Fantasies of opera themes by Rossini…we could hear perfect passion lament, virtuous chromatic passages,… the guitar began to sing Neapolitan songs a little dreamy and melancholic, cheerful or riotously impetuous...the vehement final applause gave the audience wonderful encores…”
Angelica Kannenberg “Wolfsburger Nachrichter” (Germany)

“…Montomoli’s guitar is enchanting, with magical sounds.”.a fabulous guitar concert.. its repertoire of sounds seems inexhaustible…he plays highly differentiated with a perfect harmony of melody and with a particularly tended accompaniment...he makes the idle lyrics of his instrument shine with mystic light, the melody lines are exposed with wide harmony…his guitar sings with a flow of magnificent free longing, and refined shades of time weaving a sonorous image with elevated clearness...Montomoli is a musician who not only knows what is emotionally felt but also what he is playing. With “Sevilla” from the Spanish suite, Montomoli starts the virtuous page of his art, the impetuous and quick passages, the powerful accords, the finely revised accompaniment voices…”
Werner Weckbach ’Pressespiegel Heidelberg’ (Germany)

The guitarist Fabio Montomoli has offered multiplied melodies to his guitar with deep sentiment, sustained by a perfect technique and a “ tied” flow. Through a rich expressive scale with the finest tinges, he spellbound his spectators who carefully followed his performance. The mandolin similar accompaniment, the vibrate effects and the perfect harmonious melody favourable impressed his listeners. The audience, charmed by his wonderful performance of music pieces, warmly applauded the artist, which was then followed by two extra pieces out of the programme...”
Alfred Eichhorn ’ Hersbrucker Zeitung ’ (Germany)

“…the challenging sonatas by Scarlatti have been performed by Fabio Montomoli with temperament, with the joy of Mediterranean life shining through….. in the Rossiniana by Mauro Giuliani, Montomoli’s interpretation highlights the drama and lightness of this Italian work of art and its raging finale really leaves the great stage to your imagination…..Montomoli’s interpretation is completely twisted with emotions in Elegia by Mertz…. Close your eyes, follow the sound and unite to become complete with his music ……The concert’s climax is finally reached when Montomoli dedicates his interpretation of Albèniz. The audience is captured unexpectedly by the marvellous sonorous imprints inspired by  Spanish folklore and Montomoli himself seems to be completely drawn in playing with passion and deep ardour…..” Asturias”  perfectly performed and with such a pace to take your breath away, becomes a 6 strings trick act. The audience wants more. And receives 3 encores from the  poetic and virtuous.”
Barbara Nolten-Casado  “Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung” (Germany)

"…It was a real pleasure and delight to hear Italian guitarist Fabio Montomoli in a concert during the Interfest-Bitola 2008 International Festival. He demonstrated a refined range of timbres playing with an extraordinary romantic phrasing that captured the heart of the audience in the museum of Bitola. There’s no doubt his guitar overflows with art and positive energy that is transmitted through him via the music with which Montomoli has a particular rapport; spellbinding and creative inspiration flowed through the music by Spanish composers Turina, Albeniz and also Merz, Giuliani and the Italian Ianitti whose contemporary sonata, played in the first half of the programme, is dedicated to Montomoli. Playing from memory the guitarist was immersed in the romanticism of the music played with chamber music elegance, giving weight and quality to the performance.
The interpretation of the famous “Sevilla” di Albinez and op.122 on themes of Rossini by Giuliani was completely dominated both technically and musically, qualities which any young ambitious artists work towards.
All in all the evening with the romantic and magic guitar of Montomoli was a dream for the pubic who, by their numerous attendance, demonstrated the guitar to be one of their favourite instruments.
Bitolski vesnik (Newspaper of Bitola), 10.11.2008., Bitola, (Republic of Macedonia)

A great and young guitarist for a dreamy evening. A repertoire so refined, sophisticated did by a talent that makes the expressive technique but also the sensitivity its workhorse…   the instrument in his hands becomes truly magical and capable of bewitching....
Franco Portelli TVprogress Siracusa

Fabio Montomoli a great artist, was able to join our hands and lead us in a wonderful journey from the known to the unknown, giving us, thanks to his skills and his expressive ability, strong emotions.
Rita Pasqui Philadelphia Music Magazine (USA)


 "Fabio Montomoli...wonderful player. His guitar sounds like a grand piano!"

UT Dallas Guitar Festival (USA)

"...his repertoire is unusual and his approach is personal and deeply felt...”
Eliot Fisk, guitar University Professor at the  Mozarteum in Salzburg (Austria)

 "... his expressive ability and his great human sensibility, together with a sure techique, see to it that the virtuosity doesn’t exclude the music but, on the contrary, the two things complete each other along the sublime way of music...” 

Joaquin Clerch-Diaz, guitar University professor in Dussendorf (Germany). 

classical guitar

"... fresh musical expressiveness and the natural and clear interpretation particularly perceived in his performances of contemporary music, all accompanied by a brilliant technical base...”
Toguchi Kousaku (musical critic, Tokyo) (Japan)

"...he is a concert performer who has left a vivid impression with his technical qualities and a sound that is not only soft but also transparent...”

Genday Guitar, Tokyo (Japan)

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