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Luthier Exhibition

The exhibition will be held in Follonica (Southern Tuscany, Italy) on April 3, 2022, at the Teatro La Leopoldina.

The luthier exhibition is an excellent opportunity for luthiers, who can showcase their best instruments and for guitarists and guitar lovers, who can try out different instruments and make comparisons. In this edition, we have invited the manufacturer Angelo Vailati to illustrate building a guitar from scratch to the finished product.

Angelo Vailati

Luthier, builder of classical guitars.


He began his training as a luthier at the Civica Scuola di Liuteria in Milan in 2000/2001, graduating with full marks in 2004. During his school years in Milan, he began to build the early classical guitars.

In 2005 he attended the workshop of the luthier Enrico Bottelli for the post-diploma internship, which gave rise to a good relationship of learning and collaboration that has never stopped. From M ° Bottelli, he learns the passion for searching for a clean, elegant and refined sound and the ability to analyze the different sound results obtained by practising other stylistic choices in the construction of the traditional classical guitar.

In 2006 he moved the laboratory of Castel San Giovanni to Crete in the Piacentini hills, and in the same year, he attended the José Romanillos Guitar Course in Siguenza (Spain).

In 2008 he moved temporarily to Granada (Spain) to collaborate with Daniele Chiesa luthier. In this significant experience, thanks to M ° Chiesa, he experiments with the traditional construction methods of the lutherie of Granada to which he is still very attached. He learns the construction with simple but at the same time very fast and effective systems that distinguish the manual constructive skill of the luthiers from Granada, and the attention to the product choices that control the construction of a stable but at the same time light guitar.

After five years of work at the Gropparello (PC) laboratory, in 2014, he moved to Bologna, where he lives and still works today.


He builds different types of concert guitars.

He tries to offer sensitive and musically interesting instruments with a clean, clear and well-defined sound in all models. Instruments that are well finished and with simple elegance.


The standard model (in spruce and rosewood) is a guitar inspired by the Granada tradition, but which over time has become a very personal model of both sound and aesthetic. The sound is clear and elegant, light and easy to play, rich in colours and good "singing" qualities—a very versatile traditional instrument for all types of repertoire.


As an alternative to the standard model, he builds instruments to recreate the sound and aesthetics of the guitars of great builders of the past (A.Torres, H.Hauser, S.Hernandez, D.Esteso). Moreover, even if he builds guitars characterized by experimental constructions, important guitars for the personal growth path and serve to increase the awareness of the relationship between building and result are chosen / musical.


These different models are built with well-seasoned woods of excellent choice, the decorations (mosaic rosette and any threads) are handcrafted, and the finish is shellac.



Angelo Vailati

Via G.Mezzofanti 83B

40137 Bologna


Mobil 3493567585


VAT number 01615160338

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