Mantovani International Guitar Competition

Final results MIGC-2022

1° Prize: Andrea Curiale (Italy)
2° prize: Yuki Sato (Japan)
3° prize: Antonio Carone (Italy)
Public Prize: Yuki Sato


March 30th and 31st 2022


1st Prize: € 2000 + 1 concert

2nd Prize: € 800

3rd Prize: € 400

Public Prize: € 200




Live Art Association (aps ets) organizes the 5th MIGC - 2022 Mantovani International Guitar Competition, inside the 13th MIGF – 2022 Mantovani International Guitar Festival. 



- The competition is open to classical guitar soloists of any age and nationality.
- First Prize Winners of previous editions are not admitted to the competition.
- Application fee is € 50,00.
- Participants must pay the application fee using the following bank account (write on the money order: an application fee for 5th Mantovani guitar competition): 

Associazione Live Art
IBAN: IT16T0100572240000000003173 

- Partecipants must send:
1) receipt of the money order;
2) the signed and filled application form.
Items can be sent by e-mail at the following addresses: liveart.fabiomontomoli@gmail.com or alessandronobili76@gmail.com
-Deadline is March 15th 2022. 



- Competition is divided into two rounds: eliminatory and final; both rounds will take place in the Sala Leopoldina, inside Teatro Fonderia Leopolda in Follonica.
- Eliminatory round will take place on March 30th 2022.
- Final round will take place on March 31st 2022. 

All rounds are open to the public. A detailed schedule will be sent to each participant after the deadline. 


- Eliminatory round: free program, max 10 minutes; transcriptions are permitted.
- Final round: free program, max 20 minutes; transcriptions are permitted; participants cannot repeat pieces of the eliminatory round. 



The Jury will be composed of:

Giorgio Albiani (President) - Professor of the L.Cherubini Conservatory of Florence

Vincenzo Saldarelli - Former director of the Orazio Vecchi equalized Musical Institute of Carpi

Diego Campagna - Professor of the F. Vittadini Conservatory of Pavia.

Domenico Mottola - Winning concertist of the MIGF 2019

- Decisions of the jury are definitive.
- Jury can stop a performance at any moment, and ask for further auditions in case of complex decisions.
- Members of the jury cannot decide for competitors who have some family relationships or had didactic relationships in the last two years with them. 



- 1st Prize: euros 2000 + 1 concert; one of them will be in the 2023 edition of the Mantovani Festival; diploma.
- 2nd Prize: euros 800; diploma.
- 3rd Prize: euros 400; diploma.
Winners of these Prizes must perform in a public concert on the evening of March 31st 2022 at the Sala Leopoldina, inside the Teatro “Fonderia Leopolda” in Follonica, during which the Public Prize (euro 200) will be assigned. 








Partner hotel

Hotel Giardino Follonica



M° Giorgio Albiani


Professor at the L.Cherubini Conservatory of Florence

vincenzo Saldarelli verticale.jpg

M° Vincenzo Saldarelli

Diego campagna.jpeg

 M° Diego Campagna

Domenico Mottola.jpeg

M° Domenico Mottola

Former director of the Orazio Vecchi Music Institute of Modena.

Professor at the  F. Vittadini Conservatory of Pavia.

Winner of the MIGF 2019


Last edition 2019

Results of the 4th International Guitar Competition "Alvaro Mantovani"


1st prize: Domenico Mottola (Italy)
2nd prize: Carlo Curatolo (Italy)
3rd prize: Rafał Majek (Poland)


Special public prize : Domenico Mottola

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